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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yonex Nanoray900 Review

Review Date: 14 December 2014
Racquet Type: Yonex Nanoray900 SP version
Specs: 3UG5
Flex: Stiff
Balance: 285 mm (Head Light Balance)
Strings: Yonex BG66 Ultimax
Tension: 25lbs, pre-stretched using Yonex ES5PROTECH
Grip: Yonex cushion wrap+ original grip 
Technology: Nanometric, X-Fullerene, Super HMG etc.
Shuttles used: Yonex AS50

First Impression: 

This racquet made its debut early this year around May and was the main racquet of choice by Muhammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan. A successor to Nanoray 800 and arguably the Nanoray Z-Speed. It occupies the niche of a fast attacking dooubles racquet. The colours and physical shape can be found in Yonex website and reviews by other badminton reviewers. 

More to come...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Voltric Z-Force II, Lee Chong Wei version

I finally played enough hours to write a brief review.

This is a 4UG5 JP version.

There is a serial code written near the T-joint, stating JP Pat. No. 5281767.

Compared to the 4UG5 SP normal version, this LCW JP version felt head heavier a bit but less stiff.

Overall dimensions are the same, materials in the shaft and frame the same.

Appearance-wise this racquet is in a cacophony of colours with dark pink (as Yonex calls it).

Owing to the less stiff  shaft and head heavier specs, the racquet felt easier to whip for overhead shots.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Badminton Holiday in Osaka, Japan

Although I did not have time to play badminton in Osaka, I managed to get my shopping in on badminton stuff.

Staying at a Hotel in Namba, Shuttlehouse, the online badminton store is only 200meters away on foot.
Unfortunately, the store is rather small and the main focus is online business. Hence there is not much choice for those who walk in and shop. Shoes are pretty limited in stocks and sizes.

No deterred, I went to a larger sports shop called Spotaka.

The badminton and racquet sports are all located in one level, I believed it was level 8 or something.
There is also a tax rebate for tourist at level 6.
Spotted a pamphlet highlighting Japan's recent victory in the 2014 Thomas cup.
The pamphlet highlights the news of Japan's victory over China in the semi finals and over Malaysia in the finals.
Got my hands on a Wilson catalog as well.
As usual, Japan's Misaki Matsutomo graces the catalog together with Sho Sasaki.
A poster with Misaki Matsutomo using the Fierce 2 BLX, Japan Limited Edition.
Here, Sho Sasaki is using the Recon 2 BLX, Japan Limited Edition.

Spotted some school girls with a Yonex bag waiting for the bus.
Seems like badminton is a popular sports for school students, but haven't spotted adults playing badminton.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Conclusion of BWF World Championship 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This witness a historic event in Spain's badminton.

For the first time, a Spanish player wins the World Championship title.

Spaniard Carolina Marin defeated Li Xuerui of China in a thrilling 3 sets 17-21 21-17 & 21-18.

On the other front, Lee Chong Wei failed in his bid to win the world championship losing to Chen Long in a closed 2 set games, 21-19 21-19.

Lee Chong Wei was trailing most of the time and manage to level the score many times, but an aggressive Chen Long held on to nail his 1st world title.

The other 3 disciplines are domestic affairs:

Mixed doubles and Women's doubles are: China vs. China


Men's doubles is South Korea vs South Korea.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sports specific equipment-tennis

Recently, I have been picking up tennis again, after stopping for a while.

I got my two tennis racquets restrung @ 55lbs with Yonex strings.

In addition to a tennis racquet, I got myself a pair of tennis shoes.
Asics Gel Dedicate 3. I tried it out, and bought it owing to its lightness and relatively cheap price.

A brief review of this shoe.
Pros: cheap, light weight and good cushioning (Asics is famous for its Gel cushion)
Cons: The ventilation is poor compared to higher end models (feet heats up easily).

The reason I didn't buy a more expensive pair of shoes is the amount of Time I will spend playing tennis is not much, as badminton I play more frequently.

For clothing and socks, tennis is pretty similar to badminton.

Differences and similarities. 

Both are racquet sports, hitting a projective to the opponent's court and scoring points when landed in.

Tennis is very different from badminton in terms of biomechanics and movement on court.

In tennis, majority of strokes (contact point) are at waist level, with the racquet lifting the ball above the net and adding spin. 

Badminton, the majority of strokes in the overhead stroke, using wrist movement or pronation.

In terms of overhead like serve or smash, it is similar to badminton.

For movement on court, badminton's base is center court, whereas in tennis, it is at the baseline of the court (for singles).

More to come when I get better in Tennis...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Commonwealth Games-Badminton fix

The recent completed badminton games at the 2014 Commonwealth games saw some new winners.

Notably absent was Men's singles former champion, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia.

His absence opened some opportunity for up and coming shuttlers to win the gold medal at Badminton's men's singles.

 India's Kashyap Parupalli won the gold medal by beating Singapore's Derek Wong 14-21, 21-11, 19-21.

While Canada's Michelle Li won the Women's singles by beating local Scot, Kristy Gilmour.

Last but not least, The Adcocks won the Mixed doubles by beating their compatriots Langridge/Olver.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lack of major badminton tournament in the month of July and August

There is a noticeably a lack of super series games in this two months.

Owing to major sporting events like the FIFA world cup and the coming Commonwealth games in Glasgow Scotland, badminton may struggle to compete for viewers and TV ratings.

The next major badminton competition is the World Championship held in Copenhagen Denmark, looking forward to it.

Should I plan a badminton holiday to Denmark? I never visited Denmark before...