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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Badminton Holiday in Osaka, Japan

Although I did not have time to play badminton in Osaka, I managed to get my shopping in on badminton stuff.

Staying at a Hotel in Namba, Shuttlehouse, the online badminton store is only 200meters away on foot.
Unfortunately, the store is rather small and the main focus is online business. Hence there is not much choice for those who walk in and shop. Shoes are pretty limited in stocks and sizes.

No deterred, I went to a larger sports shop called Spotaka.

The badminton and racquet sports are all located in one level, I believed it was level 8 or something.
There is also a tax rebate for tourist at level 6.
Spotted a pamphlet highlighting Japan's recent victory in the 2014 Thomas cup.
The pamphlet highlights the news of Japan's victory over China in the semi finals and over Malaysia in the finals.
Got my hands on a Wilson catalog as well.
As usual, Japan's Misaki Matsutomo graces the catalog together with Sho Sasaki.
A poster with Misaki Matsutomo using the Fierce 2 BLX, Japan Limited Edition.
Here, Sho Sasaki is using the Recon 2 BLX, Japan Limited Edition.

Spotted some school girls with a Yonex bag waiting for the bus.
Seems like badminton is a popular sports for school students, but haven't spotted adults playing badminton.