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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Peter Rasmussen video

Arcsaber 8DX and Arcsaber 1All England 100th Anniversary

Saw these two racquets and found that it's mostly cosmetic differences.

According to Yonex, Arc8DX has roughly the same specs as ARc10 but able to hold tension up to 27lbs for a 3U and 28lbs for a 2U.

Arc All England is a repainted model of Arcsaber 7. The colors are nice with English Lion emblem and dark reddish color.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gosen GRAPOWER 490 Review

Brief review

Bought these racquets 2 for under SGD 100, comes with bag, grip and strings.

Thoughts: Is somewhat shorter than most latest racquets, it is as long as Yonex's Carbonex 21. The frame is isometric and has a rather mid stiff shaft rather than soft. The racquet's technology is great for a budget racquet. The Frame is like a muscle power frame of Yonex. The grommets near the T-joint is similar to a Yonex. However, it maybe the string, Gosen Bio Roots which may differ from my go-to strings Yonex BG66 which affect my findings. Will update soon upon further testing.

Gameday: I found this racquet has high defense and maneuverability ratings owing to the shorter shaft and even to headlight balance. The control and feeling ratings are tentatively lower owing to the fact that I am using Gosen Bio Roots string rather than my trusted Yonex BG66. The power is definitely there and easier to come out compared to a stiffer racquet. But overall the power is not as high as a stiffer top end racquet. Morever, this racquet is a bit light thus lowering the power rating.

After restringing with Yonex BG66
The racquet feels easy to use, control is much better but feeling is still not there compared to a high-end racquet. The racuqet is excellent at drives and at near the net. For overhead strokes like drops, smash and clear, the slightly shorter length is a slight disadvantage. But it makes up for it by being fast and excellent near the front court. Definitely a doubles racquet than a singles racquet.

Specs: Flex- soft
Balance: 285mm (even balance)
Weight: 86g
Grip size: G5

Frame: Hi-Modulus graphite
Shaft: graphite

Technology: Flat (CS) cap, wave(muscle power) frame and vibeless (anti-vibration) grommet
Maximum tension: 28lbs

Grip: Gosen basic PU grip,
Strings: Gosen Bio Roots 0.66mm @ 25lbs

Power: 7/10
Feel: 3/10 ----------------Owing to strings with a soft feeling
Control: 8.5/10
Defense: 9/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

Updated review after restrung with Yonex BG66 @ 26lbs, 4 knots [15/03/10]

at 26lbs 4 knots.
Power: 7.5/10

A budget racquet by Gosen. Looks nice and has the makings of a basic graphite racuqet.
What get what you pay for. An adequate racquet for beginners and leisure players.

Pros: Cheap/budget racquet that offers social/leisure players adequate basic racquet and durability (ability to take up to 28lbs.)

Cons: Not a good racquet for singles as the feeling of the racquet is taken away by the anti-vibe grommets and is a shorter racquet than current longer contemporary racqets.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Yonex ad

This is a old Yonex ad in 1980s. Good camera angle on the Indonesian legend, Liem Swie King.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Badminton on hiatus

Will be back from a long break. Stopping badminton for a month.