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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yonex tennis backpack model 1429-review

Have been using this JP Yonex bag for about a month.

All I can say is this bag is well constructed and with clever allocation of pockets. It's deceptively bigger than it looks. The material is standard backpack polyester with the shinny part made of PVC.

The main compartment houses two tennis racquets or 3-4 badminton racquets. The top compartment allows you to store fresh clothing and the side pocket allows storage of keys or small items.

The middle compartment allows storage of wet clothes, shoes etc. There's also a small pocket for storage of water bottle.

The bag is made in Taiwan. The straps are secure on the shoulders, however, there is no waist strap like a backpack. Therefore, there is a limit on how much weight you can carry on this backpack.

Monday, December 16, 2013

KL badminton holiday continue

This time the players hotel is located at KL sentral.

The location is very isolated from main city attractions and nothing to do, perhaps walking through the KL highways to Brickfields aka Little India for some Indian food.

The hotel is called the Best Western Premier Dua Sentral.

Away from the matches

I went to the KL Bird Park
Apparently in the surrounding areas are lots of monkeys, pretty ferocious monstrous monkeys based on the photoshopped monkey biting a human hand.
I went on foot towards the Butterfly farm, braving the ferocious monkeys.
And then I went back to the Stadium to catch another exciting match featuring the Invincible M. Ahsan/H. Setiawan of Indonesia.
And then back to the hotel, but before that, filling my stomach with some local food.
Nasi lemak at a restaurant (Mdm Kwan's) with stink beans 

KL Badminton Holiday-POV entering the KL badminton stadium

Walking from the ticketpro.com.my's counter to the main entrance, to get my ticket stamped.

Was browsing through the Yonex merchandise before making my way into the spectator's seat.

Badminton Holiday in Kuala Lumpur 11-15 December 2013

The Superseries BWF finals was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last week.

Without hesitation, I booked my bus ticket to KL to watch the games.

Bought the badminton tickets at the Cheras KL Badminton Stadium.

The stadium was blacked out just like the Sudirman cup, with the spotlights shone directly on court.

This is also the 1st time, the Hawkeye cameras were installed and used during the matches.

It is only available on centre court. Players are allowed only 2 challenges to the call of the linesman.

 Killing  two birds with one stone, I took the opportunity visit the city and the local attractions.
At Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.
A Hindu temple at Batu Caves
Near KLCC, Petronas twin towers

But going to KL goes without saying, the food is the main attraction.

Here are my pictures of my many meals in KL.
Breakfast at a traditional Malay Nasi Lemak stall. It's coconut rice served with toppings like Sambal chilli, peanuts, anchovies, fried egg, Rendang chicken and sotong (cuttlefish). A pretty standard Malaysia breakfast, complete with a teh tarik or 'pulled' milk tea.

A plate of mee rebus or (steamed noodles). It is then covered with gravy and boiled eggs, tofu and chillis are added. Ordered a teh tarik.
BBQ stingray/squid served with rice
BBQ stingray at KL's Jalan Alor
Or Western fast food in KL
Or course badminton shopping at the Yonex booth in the Stadium
Before going up the stairs to catch the live match
Of course, the matches would not be complete without fanatic supporters. 

An Indonesia supporter decked with mask, hat and costume with Indonesia flag colors. Comes complete with a drum and a loud voice. Joking and heckling with the Malaysia supporters provided comic relief.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yonex warehouse sale 6-8 December

Attended the Yonex warehouse sales on the 6th December.
On the 1st day, it was supercrowded, many shoppers helping themselves to the many discounted Yonex badminton racquets. I queued up for about almost 2 hours to make my purchase. Many familiar faces greeted me as many in Singapore's badminton circle turn out in droves to scoop up irresistible deals.
The listed prices were significantly lower than the retailers. Managed to stock up on Nanospeed 9900s and AT900T.
Apparels and accessories were on sale, but did not help myself.
Sunrise Yonex provide Ikea style canvas bags to haul around their 'loot'. Many shoppers scoop up racquets at least 5-10 pieces. My arsenal of racquets is already full, so I can't take in too many...

Tennis racquets and Golf clubs were also on sale. But many shoppers just buy the badminton racquets...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Letting go...of RIP racquets

Serious badminton players sooner or later would have destroyed their favourite racquets.

Here lies a broken 1st Generation Titanium Mesh 10 (Ti-10)...ouch, breaks my heart looking at it.

Many people justify buying cheaper alternatives owing to the pain of losing their expensive investments.
Here is a cheaper APACS racquet costing 1/4 of the Ti-10's price.