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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yonex Japan Open 2015

Yonex Japan Open begins this week.

The location of the stadium is the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

In addition, as per tradition, a new racquet is launched, the Duora 10.

Quote,"With DUORA’s cutting-edge technology, command the court with every single shot.
Huge forehands. Quick backhands.
The DUORA lets players do both with one revolutionary design."

The concept behind the design...

It's a shame I did not plan to visit Tokyo to watch Japan Open, seems like it's very well organized according to my friend who visited Japan Open.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Badminton Holiday World Championships in Jakarta 10-16 August 2015

I was at the quaterfinals of the BWF world championships in Jakarta Indonesia.

However, I did not fly to Jakarta directly but flew to Bandung Indonesia and drove from Bandung to Jakarta to catch the quaterfinals.

The tickets were bought from blibli.com at Indonesian Ruppiah 150,000.

At Istora Senayan Stadium.
The stadium is blacked out just like All-England. The major sponsor of the event is Li-Ning.

Booths of sponsors outside the stadium...
Having an Indonesia Nasi Goreng with Indocafe coffee during lunch time at Istora Senayan.
Lee Chong Wei back in action after almost a year of suspension. He was sporting a blue dyed hairstyle.