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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Badminton 2012

Barely two weeks into the new year 2012, witnessed the completion of two major Super Series open, the Korean and Malaysian Open. 

As always, new year, signify the release of new racquets, by racquet manufacturers. Namely we were teased by Lee Chong Wei's mysterious new Voltric. 

Victor and Li Ning also has a new range coming up...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fischer Badminton racquet impression.

Coming soon. Tested a couple of Fischer badminton racquets.

The thing that strikes you is the weight of the racquets, Fischer makes very lightweight racquets, in the 4U and 5U range.

Surprisingly, the racquet can be strung at high tensions above 25lbs.

A brief review of Fischer 4UG2 Black Granite Comp

Balance unstrung, 285mm.

Strung + Grip/overgrip = 288mm

Grip: Yonex Aerotec + Toalson overgrip

String: Yonex BG66 @ 24lbs

Control:  8
Power: 8
Defence: 9
Maneuverbility: 9
Feel: 5


For its price, one should expect a compromise.
An even balance racquet, this racquet is good in backhands and forehands.
Basically this is a light weight racquet, hence great defence and maneuverability.
It's very fast and easy to swing.
Power and control is very good.
Clears, drops and drives are very good.

However, I found this racquet to have a flaw in the feel when smashing.
There is a problem of excess vibration where I can feel it up to my joints (wrist/elbow).
Perhaps it's the lightweight of the racquet and lack of a Yonex style internal T-joint that cause the bad vibes.
The vibes is enough to throw off the control of the the smash wide.

Best use by players playing defensive players or aggressive front court doubles player.
It's not a back-court smasher racquet but more of mid-court racquet and frontcourt.