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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Singapore Open 18-23 June 2013

The journey to the Singapore Indoor Stadium was greeted with the choking Haze from Indonesia which can ranged from a mild 100 PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) to 400 PSI. Haze was at its choking worst around 1pm.

The journey to the indoor stadium was greeted with a cool and safe refuge from the merciless haze.

There are some games for enthusiasts to play.

Some notable incident happen during the games.

During the quaterfinals match on Friday night, saw a tired Marc Zwiebler v.s. Nguyen Tien Minh.
Prior to this match, Marc Zwiebler fought and won a marathon match against Du Pengyu of China.
Such was the effect of the match, that Marc Zwiebler of Germany conceded his game halfway giving the victory to Nguyen Tien Minh of Vietnam.

The other was on Thursday 20th of June, which saw Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand v.s. Wong Wing Ki of Hong Kong.
The handle of Wong Wing Ki's Adidas racquet broke in the middle of a vigorous backhand stroke.
The snap of the Adidas racquet drew gasps from the crowds.
The racquet used by Wong Wing Ki is the Adidas Precision Pro.