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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yonex AS-50

Just finish a doubles game today.

The organizer suprisingly used Yonex AS-50 today.

Awesome shuttlecock, lifts and clears seldom go long of baseline.

Speed is just nice and control is superb owing to high quality aerodynamics.

Smash really has the 'pow' sound of the professionals.

It's true, you get what you paid for.

Singapore Badminton Open 2010 (Li-Ning)

Just bought my earlybird season pass.

SGD19 for 1 week.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grip bands

Another badminton product.

Pros: Good for securing the grip near the cone especially the the 'towel grip' and won't peel off the paint of the cone.
Cons: extra cost while basically a masking tape will do?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yonex acetec Overgrip AC742E
Pros: dirt cheap
Cons: not as tacky and under layer tends to stick and soiled the grip underneath

Toalson Ultra Grip
Pros: long enough for tennis racquet, tacky and long lasting
Cons: slightly more expensive

Yonex shoe sole spray (Dash-up)

It's a chemical spray to loosen dirt build-up.
I find it somewhat useful compared to just plain water.
The advantage is it evaporates pretty fast unlike water and the dirt just fell off as powder.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Badminton racquet made to order in China


Wow, customized racquets. Wonder which brand used their services?

I can made my own brand?

Yonex MP-3iSP (Tennis)

My only tennis racquet. Pretty nice racquet with a small head.
It's a pretty old racquet, came out in 2001 or earlier.
It has muscle power technology, isometric head shape and ultimum titanium.
Weighs about 300grams. Wrap with Karakal super PU grip + Toalson overgrip.
I used it for wall practise or tennis game.
Sometimes I use it to hit shuttlecocks to strengthen my backhand.

Addidas Response (Tennis Shoe) Review

Fit: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Ventilation: 7.5/10
Movement: 9/10
Durability: 8.5/10

Pros: Excellent grip and lateral movement. Cushioning is excellent and so is the fit like all Adidas models
Cons: the sole may wear out easily after sudden stops and a tennis game under the scorching sun.

Yonex SHT-305EX review (Tennis Shoe)

Excellent Tennis shoe

Fit: 9.5/10
Cushioning: 9.5/10
Durability: 5/10
Ventilation: 9/10

Pros: Sexy looking, has excellent fit, ventilation and cushioning
Cons: a bit too high off the ground and durability is low as the rubber lining on the exterior peels off easily

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yonex SHB 101 limited review

I just got this pair of shoe from queensway.

Technology: Ergo Shape, Round Sole, 3-layer Power cushion, hexagrip sole, Lateral claw, elastic EVA, Power Graphite Lite, Delta support system, double russell mesh, tough guard III

First impression: This shoe is red and white color, seems very futuristic with a black 'Y' sign near the ankle area.

The shoes comes with extra white shoe strings and a PVC type of shoe bag.

Fit: The shoe fits well enough, there is some break-in period needed. Size fits as indicated but a bit tight. The shoes sits slightly higher up the ground than a shb 100 ltd. There is a metal hook on the second last lace holes. Shoe is very well cushioned.

Game time: The ventilation seems a bit less, but is comfortable. The shoe when laced up feels very tight, but the stability is excellent. Shoes sits a bit high off the ground and feels a bit bouncy.

Pros: excellent cushioning and grip. Feels light and fast on the first step

Cons: Price and bit high off the ground . Need breaking in period for fit.

Fit: 8.5/10
ventilation: 8.5/10
feel: 9.5/10
Cushioning: 9.5/10
Durability: 8.5/10
movement/: 9.5/10
Grip: 9.5/10

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playing old style of doubles

Today I tried playing the 'old' format of doubles.

This is style is the side by side format, where each player selfishly guard their own side.

Basically, no one smashes but played clears and drops only.

The advantage of this 'old' tactic are clears uses more energy than a smash and the front back movement served to tire the opponent and causing errors.

This tactic is acceptable in the old 15 point system where stamina is more important than speed. If the opponent cannot clear back to back, then he is vulnerable to a drop in front court or some hold and flick. Unfortunately, this tactic may cause the opponent to target only one player and the other player is not 'involved'.

I find it a bit boring as it's like two single players playing on one side of the court.
But this tactic forces you to 'control' the shuttle and helps improved your placement.

Although not exactly what I am planing to illustrate, LiYong Bo's defensive style here was the side by side, but the Danes adopted a front back position anyway.
Here is a 15 point system mens doubles at the highest leve lin 1986.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Racquet collection

Now I have reduced my racquets to just 10 pieces.

Hopefully I can ultilized more of them.

My current go-to racquets are Ti-10 3rd Gen, Gosen 6900 and AT900P.

Since I play doubles a lot, I need a [headlight racquet] backhand racquet for defence. Though for smashes, the backhand racquet needs to be swung with greater headspeed to generate enough power.

My other go-to racquet when I'm in a mood to smash a lot are Gosen 6900 3U and AT900P 4U.