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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yonex SHB 101 limited review

I just got this pair of shoe from queensway.

Technology: Ergo Shape, Round Sole, 3-layer Power cushion, hexagrip sole, Lateral claw, elastic EVA, Power Graphite Lite, Delta support system, double russell mesh, tough guard III

First impression: This shoe is red and white color, seems very futuristic with a black 'Y' sign near the ankle area.

The shoes comes with extra white shoe strings and a PVC type of shoe bag.

Fit: The shoe fits well enough, there is some break-in period needed. Size fits as indicated but a bit tight. The shoes sits slightly higher up the ground than a shb 100 ltd. There is a metal hook on the second last lace holes. Shoe is very well cushioned.

Game time: The ventilation seems a bit less, but is comfortable. The shoe when laced up feels very tight, but the stability is excellent. Shoes sits a bit high off the ground and feels a bit bouncy.

Pros: excellent cushioning and grip. Feels light and fast on the first step

Cons: Price and bit high off the ground . Need breaking in period for fit.

Fit: 8.5/10
ventilation: 8.5/10
feel: 9.5/10
Cushioning: 9.5/10
Durability: 8.5/10
movement/: 9.5/10
Grip: 9.5/10

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