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Friday, December 25, 2009

Wall practise

If you don't have a partner, you can always play against the wall.

Helps improve your defense and reflexes in a doubles game.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On hiatus

Memo: Will be getting a new racquet soon.

Either Victor Brave Sword 10 or Kumpoo 2300.

Stay tune for the review session, although I've been doing review on Yonex racquets for free, it's time to review other high end racquets like Kumpoo or Victor.

signing out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Super Series Masters in JB Dec 2-6 2009

The final day of Asia Badminton Championship in Johor a few months back.

Contrast to that on the Friday night, when Bao Chun Lai takes on Lee Chong Wei

A typical day of empty stadium, here Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand warming up for his game

The turn out for this masters superseries was quite low given the profile of players involved.

However, many top players from Korea, Denmark and Europe are lured in owing to the bigger price money and lack of competition from the best China players.

The Koreans Lee/Jung pocketed a big prize money of USD 42,000 and so does the Danish mixed doubles pair.

Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung, while Boe/Morgensen helped themselves to some money as well.

NIELSEN Joachim Fischer and PEDERSEN Christinna

Even the Danish WD pair of Lena Frier Kristiansen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl managed to pocket some money.
Some of the memorable incident was after defeating the Chinese MD in the semis, Matthias Boe made a silly Maori stance trying to intimidate the China pair.
But in sheer delight after winning, he threw his AT900P to the stance and a girl caught it.
Similarly in the finals in the XD, Pedersen threw her NS9900 into the stand after winning the finals.
One of the surprises is the way Wong Mew Choo of Malaysia dominating the competition and the same can be said of Malaysia's WD, Wong/Chin.
They previously have a lot of difficulty getting into the semifinals given the strength of the China squad.
Good day for Europe indeed, hope this will inspire more badminton in Europe.