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Monday, July 23, 2012

Useful tips for return of serve for men's doubles

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yu Yang doing a jumpsmash

The jumpsmash is hardly used in women's doubles especially when the shuttle is lobbed to the backcourt.

Here a jumpsmash is executed by Yu Yang, when Mizuki Fujii returned a weak lift which is at half court.

A juicy half court lift is killed by Yu Yang with a jumpsmash.


VT80 vs. VTZF

These two racquets are currently the most popular Yonex racquets in international circuit.

VT80 has a rating of stiff flex and head-heavy balance. The VTZF has a stiffer flex and slightly more head-heavy balance.

The stringing pattern of the racquet is different as well. VTZF has an extra cross (grommets) on the frame than VT80. The head of VTZF is slightly narrower than VT80.

In addition, the VTZF has a longer handle/cone than VT80, perhaps in the order of mm.

Playability: I think both racquet are in the same niche. The VTZF is slightly harder to wield than VT80. On the other hand the stiffer shaft increases accuracy but maybe harder to get more power. The VT80 is overall an easier racquet to use (at least for me) than VTZF.