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Saturday, July 14, 2012

VT80 vs. VTZF

These two racquets are currently the most popular Yonex racquets in international circuit.

VT80 has a rating of stiff flex and head-heavy balance. The VTZF has a stiffer flex and slightly more head-heavy balance.

The stringing pattern of the racquet is different as well. VTZF has an extra cross (grommets) on the frame than VT80. The head of VTZF is slightly narrower than VT80.

In addition, the VTZF has a longer handle/cone than VT80, perhaps in the order of mm.

Playability: I think both racquet are in the same niche. The VTZF is slightly harder to wield than VT80. On the other hand the stiffer shaft increases accuracy but maybe harder to get more power. The VT80 is overall an easier racquet to use (at least for me) than VTZF.


Diego said...

First of all, congratulations for your wonderful blog! I have recently bought a stringing machine and I would like to buy grommets just in case I need to replace the originals. Currently I play with Yonex raquets, ArcSaber 8dx and Voltric Z-Force. I have found out that there are few places where one can buy grommets from. You have mentioned shuttle-house.com before. Is this the place where you normally buy stuff from? How is it? Have you bought grommets? And what about the stringing tools they offer (grommet nipper, pliers,..)? are they good quality?
Sorry for asking so many questions!
Looking forward to your guidance on this!

badmintan said...

Yup, shuttle-house, rakuten, mybadmintonstore.com. They are more expensive but reputable. I got most of my stuff from shuttle house. Grommets, nippers, pliers and stuff. Of course, good quality. Happy shopping!

Diego said...

Thank you!!

abbas attar said...

i want to buy a new racket and i am a beginner we play doubles and we play everyday we play with nylon shuttles yonex mavis 350 and i love attacking more than defence. 80% attack and 20%defence some times our racket gets clash and i want racket which not break easily and give full accuracy control and power thats why i want to choose between voltric 80 and z-force so which do you prefer