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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yonex warehouse sale 6-8 December

Attended the Yonex warehouse sales on the 6th December.
On the 1st day, it was supercrowded, many shoppers helping themselves to the many discounted Yonex badminton racquets. I queued up for about almost 2 hours to make my purchase. Many familiar faces greeted me as many in Singapore's badminton circle turn out in droves to scoop up irresistible deals.
The listed prices were significantly lower than the retailers. Managed to stock up on Nanospeed 9900s and AT900T.
Apparels and accessories were on sale, but did not help myself.
Sunrise Yonex provide Ikea style canvas bags to haul around their 'loot'. Many shoppers scoop up racquets at least 5-10 pieces. My arsenal of racquets is already full, so I can't take in too many...

Tennis racquets and Golf clubs were also on sale. But many shoppers just buy the badminton racquets...

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