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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review of three badminton shoes

I am using these 3 badminton shoes:

Yonex SHB90MX

Pros: One of the best eye candy shoe, well cushioned all around, eased of movement and mid-range price

Cons: Lateral instability when landing from a jmpsmash, can cause rolled ankle if shoe lace is not tight. (happens to any shoes for that matter).

Yonex SHB 100 LTD

So far the benchmark of all badminton shoes. Can't get any better than this.

Pros: Well cushioned heels, ease of movement to any direction, durability (for me anyways), lateral stability, ankle support and very comfortable.

Cons: the most expensive Yonex shoes, cushioning a bit lacking in forefeet especially when landing from a jumpsmash, others may may have issues with its durability.
Asics Gel-Task

Pros: very well cushioned shoes, hardly felt any impact when lunging or landing from a jump

Cons: not a badminton specific shoe, slightly heavy which affects mobility, not well ventilated, feet warms up easily and slightly high on the ground (need to tie shoe lace tightly)

Mizuno Wave Smash-SG

Missed opportunity, I didn't have a chance to try this popular shoe.

Pros: the looks, low on the ground, well ventilated (there ar some air vents on the soles)

Cons: Price, almost the perfect badminton shoes.

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