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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Titanium Mesh 10 Review (Ti-10 3rd generation)

Flex: Stiff+
Balance: Headlight
Composition (Frame): U.H.M. Graphite, Ti-Mesh
Composition (Shaft): U.H.M. Graphite
Weight / Grip Size: 3U (85.0-89.9g) / G5
Technology: Built in T-joint, Muscle Power, Ti-mesh

Review Date : 22 March 2009

Racket Type : Yonex Ti-10 Mesh SP
Specs : 3UG5
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 25lbs ,
1 Piece Stringing Stringing Machine : Pacific Stringing machine
Technology : Titanium Mesh, Muscle Power, Ultra High Modulus Graphite, T-joint
Grip: Cyber Plus Beta plus Wilson Pro overgrip
Shuttle Used: RSL Tourney

First Impression: Beautiful color, a mixture of purple, silver and black. There's a hint of red on the sides at 9 o'clock and gold decorating the shaft. There are 2 x ti mesh decals at the sides. Looked somewhat similar to the 1st generation Ti-10 except for the purplish color. The racquet is headlight about 285+/-5mm. The racquet has high swing speed, owing to slim shaft. The racquet is 'long' compared to a shorter carbonex series. This racquet feels solid and well constructed. I found its flexibility to be stiff, rather than extra stiff.

Warm Ups: The swing of this racquet is very fast. It is fantastic when lifting the shuttle and driving. The clears are relatively easy/comfortable to execute. However, this racquet has it's own momentum and the follow through can be tough on the wrist and shoulders. The racquet is headlight and aids in backhand. Does not feel tiring to use.

Game Time: Serving backhands with this racquet is excellent, I can feel that this is a dedicated doubles racquet. Flick serve is easy with this racquet. Hitting drive shots with backhands and forehands is superb. One flick and the shuttles almost touch the backcourt baseline. The clear is also good, but need to control your strength. The smash is fantastic, with a big square head, the follow through is excellent and can generate quite a powerful smash for a headlight racquet. What can I say for defense, this racquet is arguably one of the best defending racquet. The combination of headlight balance and square head gives momentum, allows quick short swing action, allowing easy crosscourt lifts to baseline. Netkills are easy too with this weapon. Drops and sliced drops are average with this racquet, thus, the feel is average with this racquet, hence it's less suited for singles play.

Conclusion: It's the 3rd reincarnation of the popular Yonex Titanium Mesh 10. The racquet is perfect for the doubles game. It is designed for superb defense, great in fast flat shots/drives and powerful smashes. For its price, its performance rivals the top of the line Arcsabers, Armortecs and Nanospeed. Moreover, this racquet is a proven commodity in international competition, commonly wielded by Malaysian and China doubles national team.

Feel: 8.5/10
Control: 9/10
Power: 9/10
Defense: 9.5/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

Pros: Fast Racket Speed, Maneuverability, power and performance over price ratio

Cons: May not hold very high tension and may cause sore joints for less advance players

Suitability: High intermediate/Advance/professional Doubles Players. Not suitable for beginners.

YONEX/Sunrise sports recommendation for player type:
For Advanced players looking for ultimate control and solid feeling

Yonex rating: 1-5
Flex 5
Power 5
Control 5
(Ref: Yonex badminton chart)

Racket Type : Yonex Ti-10 Mesh SP
Specs : 2UG5 ;2U (90.0-94.9g)
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 24lbs , 2 Piece Stringing Stringing
Technology : Titanium Mesh, Muscle Power, Ultra High Modulus Graphite, T-joint
Grip: Cyber Plus Beta plus Wilson Pro overgrip
Shuttle Used: APACS AeroFlight 800/700

Feel: 9/10
Control: 9/10
Power: 9.5/10
Defense: 9/10
Maneuverability: 8.5/10

Conclusion: Similar to the 3U version, except this racquet is slightly more powerful and have better feeling. Defense/maneuverability suffer a tiny bit due to the extra weight.


Eugene said...

any other string that you can recommend?

badmintan said...

Up to you, probably 24-25lbs.