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Monday, October 12, 2009

Racquet collection

I hope to reduce my racquet collection after trial and error of testing racquets.

Currently my racquets:

Ti-10 (3rd Gen) X 2
Carbonex 21

Aermet Roots Gavun 6900 (Boonsak model) x 2

My go to racquets are 2X Gosen 6900
I found I can get more power from the smash than the extra stiff Ti-10 Mesh.
Although, I found the Ti-10 is better in defense and control.

My 2U NS9900 JP is used primary as a warm-up racquet. Too valuable to risk in a doubles game. My ArcZ-slash is use in conjunction with my Gosen 6900 and I'm loving it. The Smash is powerful and I'm begining to get the hang of the control.

My dying 2U Carbonex 21 is use for practise and to borrow friends with no racquets.

Signing out.

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