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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mentality of shots in doubles vs singles

Smashes in doubles: mostly aimed at centre court between players or the 'racquet-side' thigh area of the defender.
Smashes in singles: aimed at the sidelines/crosscourt or in desperation aimed at body.

Drops in singles: sliced/reverse sliced to the 2 corners
Drops in doubels: fake smash into centre drop

Clears in doubles: almost never but in desperation to center court
Clears in singles: always to the backhand-side

Trickshots in doubles: between the leg/behind the back return of smash
Trickshots in singles: hold and flick/hold and crosscourt

Drive in doubles: when unable to smash/aim crosscourt to surprise opponent
Drive in singles: when doing return of low serve

I list them here, I can think it but doesn't mean I can do it. :)

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