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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kumpoo Power Shot Nano 2300 Hexagon review

Kumpoo Power Shot Nano 2300 Hexagon
Review Date : 03 January 2010
Racket Type : Specs : 4UG5
Flex: stiff
Balance: 290+ mm
Strings: Yonex BG66
Tension: 25lbs , 1 Piece Stringing
Grip: Yonex Cyber Plus Beta grip + Toalson overgrip
Technology : narrow square frame, carbon nanotube, super durable frame, superlight weight structure, hexagon cap, hexagon shaft and tapered shaft.

First Impression:
Initially , I thought that this racquet from far looks like a Yonex Arcsaber 10. The colors comprising of red, beige, silver, black and flanked by beige at 2/10 o'clock to 4/8 o'clock . The racquet looks simplistic with less clutter/wordings. The grommets of the racquets is unique and the frame is 'H' shape, allowing the grommet + strings to lie inside between the frame. This probably protect the strings from damage. For the first time I handle it, the racket feels head heavy and the flex is somewhat stiff. The shaft is unique as the cone and up to 1/4 of the shaft are hexagonal in shape. The tapered shaft plus the hexagon shape made the flex stiff. However, the kickpoint/flex is higher up nearer the throat/T-joint area of the shaft.
This allows better control according to the manufacturer.

Warm Ups:
I can feel the racquet like an extension of my arm. The feel is excellent and the shots seems accurate. Clears are average and the drives are not bad. The drops are great and racquet seems fast. The racuqet doesn't flex much when swung overhead, owing to the unique kick-point. I needed to imput a lot strength to clear/smash with this racquet.

Game Time:
So far, I found the racuqet is roughly comparable to a AT900P but with less power but better feel/control. The smashes seemed a little weak, but could be because I didn't get behind the shuttle in time nor am I getting used to the racquet.
One week later, I tried to smash by standing near the baseline, the power is definitely there, but need to be swung with great speed and try to get your body weight onto the smash.
I can understand why it's designed for professional elite players like Boonsak Ponsana, they can execute perfect technique to flex the stiff shaft of the racquet, thus unleashing the power of the racquet.

Here is a temporary conclusion: Great control and feel, above average power and defense. It's definitely not beginner friendly racquet. One of the rare racquets combining head heavy balance + stiff shaft. Best used by Professional, advanced or a high intermediate player.
Note: 1 month later I found the racquet to be an excellent racquet, smashes are pretty steep and the control is excellent. The power is definitely there once you are adapted to the racquet. It took me 1 month of continuously play (3 times a week) to finally exploit the racquet's swing.

Feel: 9/10
Control: 9.5/10
Power: 7.5/10 (3U maybe better)
Defense: 8.5/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

Pros :
One of the best control racquet, good as advertised.

Cons: different kick-point from other racquets.

Suitability: Singles/doubles intermediate/advanced badminton player. Not suitable for beginners

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