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Saturday, May 15, 2010

APACS Tantrum 200 Review

APACS Tantrum 200 Review
Date : 15 May 2010
Racket Type : Apacs Tantrum 200
Specs : 3UG2
Flex: Stiff-
Balance: 285+/-5 mm
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 25lbs , 1 Piece Stringing
Grip: Karakal Super PU grip + Toalson overgrip
Technology : Isometric head, Super P-F frame, Hi-modulus graphite(Toray M30 and M40 grade graphite)

First Impression: Initially , I thought that this color looks a bit cool and relaxing, with light green as the main color with subtle colors of gray, silver and black. The racquet looks pleasant and is 'well-built'. For the first time I handle it, the racket feels even balance, solid and somewhat stiff. Frame shape is rather standard isometric. The 'T-joint' and shaft is rather thick.

Warm Ups: The racket indeed feels really solid. But as usual, I start off with baseline to baseline shots. Clears are good, feels like mid flex in terms of stiffness when swung overhead. Racket head is stable and well balanced. Reaction time is above average and the driving or flat play is good. The racquet is stable in cutting thru the air and feels easy to control shots.

Game Time: I like the feel of serving low using this racket, very accurate to hit just nicely to the 'T' area. Flick serve is great as well. Net play is good and control is excellent as the 'feeling' is there. Sliced and reversed sliced shots are excellent as one can 'feel' the shots coming off the string bed. When comes to time reaction, I would say that this racket is adequate. Smashes are solid with this racquet and easy to generate power. Control imho is above average. Defense is slightly above average but not as maneuverable/aerodynamic as the best headlight racquet due to the thick T-joint/thick shaft. Driving is good with this racquet.

Conclusion: What can you complain when you can have solid feeling, power and control? Probably the racquet is not that aerodynamic. I’m satisfied with it and how its made. This racquet is excellent for control at the net, clears to the corners, smashes and general all round play. Probably, not the best defensive racquet, but the control and power makes up for it. An all-rounder racquet that would suit most players.

Feel: 8.5/10
Control: 9/10
Power: 9/10
Defense: 7.5/10
Maneuverability: 7.5/10

Pros :
Excellent control, power and an all-rounder racquet

Cons: slightly less aerodynamic than the modern slim racquet hence slightly lower defense and maneuverability

Suitability: Advance/Intermediate/high beginner all-around player


Akhiruzzaman Habib said...
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Akhiruzzaman Habib said...

Which one do you prefer between tantrum 200 and lethal 70?