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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Controversy in Women's Doubles Commonwealth game finals 2010

Today I witness the controversy regarding the common tactic used in tournaments.

This tactic is when the reciever of serve raises his/her non-racquet hand to indicate not ready to receive serve. This can be used as a delaying tactic to slow the momentum of the opposing player who just won the point.And it can also be use as a mind game.

In this example Cai Yun of China raises his left hand to indicate he's not ready.

This time, the umpire did no give a 'let' as usually is given. According to the commentator, the reciever moved her legs when the flick serve was done, hence no 'let' is given and the server was awarded a point.

"The controversy in the women's doubles match occurred in the second game when Gutta served with scores level on 18-18.

The Singaporeans claimed that Sari, who was the receiver had held up her hand to signal that she was not ready.

But Gutta went ahead and served an arched lob that fell behind Sari. Chair umpire Ian Spear awarded the point to India despite vociferous protests by the Singaporeans.

The Singaporeans leveled the scores again to 19-19 but the Indians won two straight points to take match.

Gutta claimed Sari had lowered her hand just before she served.

"The umpire was pretty fair. I saw her (Sari's) hand going down and that's why I served," she said. After winning, Gutta broke down in tears.

She said the winning strategy was simple - Machinda, one of the hardest smashers of the shuttle cock in women's badminton would attack and Gutta would play at the net."

Source: thestar.com.my

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