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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yonex SHB91 men shoe review

Technology: Ergo Shape, Round Sole, Power cushion, Hexagrip sole, Double russell mesh, Mslite, Power Graphite Lite

First impression: This shoe is silver and green in color, seems very futuristic with a black 'Y' sign near the ankle area. This is the shoe, Peter Gade of Denmark wears on tournaments. Unfortunately this shoe is discontinued by Yonex.

The shoes looks very similar to the older SHB90M in terms of shape and fit

Fit: The shoe fits well enough, with no break-in period needed. Size fits as indicated and feels comfortable. The shoes is neither too low nor too high off the ground and is well cushioned.

Game time: The ventilation is very good. The shoe is very light on the feet and 'standing on the balls of the feet' felt comfortable and explosive first step is easy to achieve. Landing from a lunge or jumps felt comfortable with no excessive forced felt on the ankle and knee.

Pros: excellent cushioning and grip. Feels light and fast on the first step

Cons: none, possibly the inner cushioning on the toe felt uncomfortable (on the outside) especially on the pinky toe.

Fit: 9.5/10
ventilation: 9/10
feel: 9/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
movement/: 9.5/10
Grip: 9/10

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