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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two-legged Jumpsmash in men's doubles

In advanced and elite men's doubles, the jumpsmash is used to hit the shuttle downwards, when the opponent lifts. The jumpsmash as oppose to a normal smash is to give less time for the opponent to react to the shot. The jump also heightens the contact point and allows the shuttle to be hit in a steeper angle.

Here is the sequence of a jumpsmash...all done in one motion (which makes it an advanced skill and takes tons and tons of practise to master it)...using Markis Kido as an example.


Regarding the jumpsmash, it is only advisable to perform it after one has fully mastered the smash.

Here a girl demonstrate the perfect form of a standing smash.

Women's game may be less exciting than men's game, but women's game is more of a purist style, meaning the emphasis is on perfect hitting technique and tactics and less of physicality or pure athleticism.


Ultimo said...

Excellent break down....keep up the good work

yee said...

I love your enthusiastic approach into the game.