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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yonex Nanospeed 9000X review

Review Date : 09 June 2011
Racquet: Yonex Nanospeed 9000 Type X
Strings: Yonex BG66 @ 24lbs
Specs: 3UG4 SP
Flex: Extra Stiff
Balance: 285mm +/- 2mm (even balance)
Grip: Karakal Grip + Toalson overgrip

Shuttles used: Yonex AS40, speed 2

First Impression: This racquet is very distinctive from afar, it was produce more than 4 years ago. Like its sister, NS9000S, the racquet is brightly coloured. Yonex called the main color Glorious Gold. The selling point of this racquet is the elastic titanium, which is the first Yonex racquet to incorporate this material. One can be put off by its rating of extra stiffness. However, don't let the flex scare you, once you have the right technique and able to get behind the shuttle, this racquet allows you to be in beast mode especially in the attack. [Of course, this is assuming one has decent footwork and proper hitting technique]

Warm Ups: Warming involves baseline to baseline clears. However, owing to the new/high tension of the new string, I have to adjust to the timing. The flex of this racquet especially demands that you get behind the shuttle in order to allow a full overhand swing. Otherwise, it's easy to hit an off-center shot or a weak shot.

Game Time: The racquet has a good maneuverability and control to it owing to the semi headlight balance and extra stiff flex. This racquet feels at home both on the forehand and backhand. This racquet handles very accurate near the halfcourt position or backcourt especially drives and power smashes. On the backcourt, this racquet is a smash based player's delight. It has the rare characteristics of having a very accurate/controlled powerful smash; the stiffness and the repulsion of the racquet are the main reason behind it.

Conclusion: This racquet's playability is excellent owing to its smashing power, fast defense, control and maneuverability. The thing that strikes you quickly when wielding an NS9000X is how an all rounder racquet it is, easy  to switch to defense and offense. However, it really shines as a doubles back court player's racquet meant for power smashes. It was the most powerful smashing Yonex racquet when it was first launch.

Feel: 9/10
Control: 9/10
Power: 9.5/10
Defense: 9/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

Pros : Excellent in every aspect, defense, offense and control. Doubles smashing racquet par excellence.

Cons: Maybe too stiff to flex for emergency/desperate shots and is expensive. Need to be able to generate very high swing speed to flex this racquet. 

Suitability: intermediate/advanced players for singles 2U...(3U for doubles)

Player type: Smash based player and all-around player for singles and doubles

Footnote: this review was done as a hobby and as an interest to inform fellow badminton enthusiast. This is my personal opinion and in no form to promote this racquet.

Conflict of interest: None

YONEX/Sunrise sports recommendation for player type:
Solid feel impact for smash based hard hitters looking for more power and durability

Yonex rating 1-5
Power 5
Control 5
Flex 5

(Ref: Yonex badminton chart)

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