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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Racquet Balance; Head heavy, even balance, headlight

Head heavy balance racquets above has balance points above 285mm. E.g, Yonex AT900P & T, Voltric 80, Gosen Aermet 6900 and Ryoga Issen. Head heavy balance aka forehand biased racquets have more momentum for the forehand stroke. The racquet is also more stable, thus improving control. Quick racquet handling suffers a little.

Even balance racquets above have balance points around 285mm. E.g. Yonex Arcsaber 7 & 9 and MP99. The even balance racquets are a compromise.

Healight racquets above have balance points below 285mm. E.g. Yonex Titanium Mesh 10.
Headlight balance or backhand biased racquets are excellent for fast handling. The forehand stroke has less momentum compared to the head heavy balance racquets but the high swing speed makes up for it. Generally, most headlight racquet needs to be stiff for it to be useful. The stiffness makes the racquet more stable/accurate and also compensates in power generation.

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