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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yonex 6x and 2x continuous Grommet

To remove the broken/used grommet, one can use the needle nose pliers to grip and pull out the broken/used grommet.

To add the new 6X grommet, one can use an awl to slightly 'guide' it into position. Manually push in to set the grommet.

After that, the grommet is ready to protect your racquet from strings cutting into the racquet frame. No more sunken grommet syndrome...


Unknown said...

Hi Badmintan,

When you apply 6x/2x continuous grommets to a racquet, is there any difference(s) in terms of feeling, handling, power and control ??

badmintan said...

I didn't feel any major difference...perhaps the racquet balance increase towards the head.