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Friday, December 2, 2011

Original vs Clone (Fake) racquet

Above a Fleet Volitant 75 (a clone of Yonex Voltric 70) vs. An original Yonex Voltric 70.

The clone cost only 1/4 the price of the Original Yonex racquet (excluding string)

Both are strung with string (BG66 Ultimax @ 24lbs)

Based on economics, the Fleet looks like a bargain, the exterior and colors are similar to the Yonex. From afar, the Fleet could be mistaken for a Voltric 70.

Performance...continue below

Weight: the specs of the Voltric 70 is a 4UG5 whereas the Volitant 75 is 4UG2.

Basic specs: both are roughly head heavy balance...

                   Flex-wise, the Yonex is a tad stiffer.

However, playing in court, the difference becomes apparent.

The control aspect of the original or accuracy is so much better than the clone. The feel is also better with less vibration.

Powerwise, the clone maybe even better than the original but felt somehow unable to control the power.

Of course, if one get use to even the clone one can compensate with its limitation.

Nothing against the clone or the original. But at the end of the day, you still get what you pay for...

1 comment:

Meg said...

Since you're trying clones. Can you test out the APACS finapi series as well. i hear the finapi 77 is similar to VT70, 88 and 101 is similar to VT80