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Monday, March 5, 2012

Initial impression of Yonex VTZF

Yonex Voltric Z-Force

Managed to secure the correct specs of a 4UG5.

Weight: 85 grams (stringless with plastic wrap)

Balance point with strings:  centre of gravity around the 'Z'.

With a tape measure, my playing balance point (with strings + grip) = 310mm

Wielding the racquet: 
The racquet felt heavy and the flex felt stiff.
The racquet felt like a stiffer Voltric 80.
Lactic acid builds up easily after holding/swinging it for 5-10 minutes.

Miscellaneous Thoughts: 
It's great that Yonex incorporate Green and White colours into their racquets which give an instant brand recognition.
It's similar to the Yonex YY White letters on green background.
Blue is synonymous with Korea team (Victor) whereas Red/Yellow is sort of synonymous with Li-Ning.

Hmm, so what is this racquet? an attacking racquet, control racquet, doubles, singles play etc?

A review coming soon...

First impression:

The paint quality departs from the Yonex standard glossy/metallic paint to a matt/plastic-like material.

The tribal motifs of the voltric series now combines with futuristic metallic highlights. 

The racquet is not photogenic but looks much better, even stunning in your (or my)  hands...

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