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Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Yonex Nanoray 800 spotted in the Olympics

Credit to a BCer who posted the info first.

Here is a case of indirect marketing by Yonex. Mystery, oh! the mystery...

The new Nanoray 800 was used by Kamilla Rytter Juhl of Denmark as the picture above indicated.

In addition, Laybourn and Pedersen were also spotted with the nanoray.

Judging from Thomas Laybourn whom used a nanospeed 9900 before, this new Nanoray should perhaps be an stiff+ flex with slightly even balance rating.

If I were to guestimate this racquet, logically it should be a stiffer flex racquet than Nanoray 700RP, perhaps balance point roughly towards even balance.

Should be a deadly racquet in the front court and mid court area...

This is similar to Lee Chong Wei's used of the new Voltric Z-Force 2 months before the official launch. Lee Chong Wei won the Malaysia Malaysia Open with a mysterious racquet early in 2012.

The racquet is marketed by Yonex as the king of drive.

Drive here means the low fast and flat shots used in doubles.

The selling point is the speed in drive, i.e. machine gun drive.

The emphasis is the drive shot, essential in doubles for forcing the lift or changing defence into attack.

Reference: here and Yonex Japan. (in Japanese)

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