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Monday, October 22, 2012

Denmark Open Finals 2012

The men's doubles was a very entertaining game, except for the 2nd set.

The second set saw Koo and Tan trailed by a wide margin with no hope of catching up. So both sides played nonchalantly to conserve energy.

Instead of fast drives or jumpsmashes, both sides played high clears and even backhand clears.
The offenders were rebuked by the officials.

Here in the 3rd period, Koo and Tan, having poor communications on court based on their body language, scrambles for a loose shuttle to smash.

The Koreans won, arguably by luck. Perhaps they have better tactics and discipline as well.

Here Yoo Yeong Seong of Korea celebrating by dancing Gangnam Style, a popular dance move, which has gone viral in YouTube.

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