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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Phiten stuff

Was shopping around Shibuya, chanced across the Phiten shop,
managed to buy a few at reasonable prices.

I was initially skeptical about Phiten, since it's just solubilized inert titanium.

The demo by the Japanese salesman was surprising, felt definite differences, it's like somehow affect the biochemistry of the muscles. Somehow fatigue disappears.

Checking their website, there are even publications in Biomaterials about the biological effects of aqua metal.

i.e. Sugita Y et al, Biomaterials 2011Nov;32(33);837-84

In summary, titanium has been known to form oxide layer when exposed to air, creating a biocompatible implant for used in total knee replacement/total hip replacement surgery and dental surgery.

But aqua titanium has effects?
I suspect since Titanium in a soluble form may have electrochemical effects i.e. Ti3+, like affecting the Na+/K+ pump of the nerves or calcium channel of  the muscles.

Perhaps more research need to be done...

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