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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brief ArcsaberFB demo review

Yonex Arcsaber FB
Review Date : 13 April 2013
Racquet Type : Yonex Arcsaber FB SP version
Specs : F(73g) G5
Flex: Stiff
Balance: 280 mm +(Headlight Balance)
Strings: Yonex BG66
Tension: 25lbs, pre-stretched using Yonex ES5PROTECH
Grip: Karakal super PU grip
Technology : (New) Nanometric and CS Nanotube
Shuttles used: Apacs Aeroflight 700

First Impression:

I won't described the colors or the looks of the racquet as the manufacturer's website and badmintoncentral.com has plenty of those.
A new twist to the arcsaber line, with ultra light weight. Swingspeed is increased and whipping power is enhanced using nanometric material on the shaft.
Similar in shape and flex to Arcsaber 11 but having different materials at the frame and the T-joint.

Final review

I played mostly doubles (and half court singles)
TOC (time on court) when making review:
total of 4 hours of game play.

Warm Ups:

Warming involves baseline to baseline forehand clears.
Clears are long and far owing to the aerodynamics, lightness and the flex of the racquet.
If one word is to describe this racquet is 'quick'.
Drives are pretty fast owing to the weight of the racquet. 
The racquet shaft is similar to Arcsaber 11 and felt that the stiffness is the same but the kickpoint is very different.
A very fast swing is generated when whipped for overhead shots.
The major difference I felt is that Arcsaber 11 have a more solid feel and more repulsive string bed.

Game Time:

I won't go into detail each and every shots tried.
Generally since I am playing doubles, receiving of serve and serve are great as expected for a fast and stable racquet.
The ease of use of this racquet is apparent, as one can comfortably whip the racquet to hit shuttle gently or violently. 
Initially a lot of mishits using this racquet as the racquet is 'too fast'.

Front court: Aerodynamics of the racquet and the lightness of the racquet allows quick and fast reaction to perform netshots, netkills and crosscourt net shots.

Midcourt: This racquet shines best in the mid court range area as it is both good in attack and defence. As for drive shots, this racquet can rival the Nanorays in fast reactions, with comfortable control support cap helps in using finger power (Thumb and grip tightening) for sharp compact backswing in backhand drives.

Back court:
The control and power suffers a tiny bit as it it not heavy nor stiff enough like Voltric Z-force for power smash and power clears to the back court.
Nevertheless, the sweet spot is rather large and felt very easy to whip this racquet as the kickpoint is leaning towards the frame.The fast swing and kickpoint makes up for the lack of momentum of a heavier racquet.
Control is good, slicing (normal and reverse) and checked drops are precise, fast and accurate.

This racquet's playability is great as it is very comfortable to wield this racquet both forehands and backhands. A dedicated doubles racquet where speed is the name of the game.

Feel: 7/10

Control: 9/10

Power: 8.5/10

Defence: 10/10

Maneuverability: 10/10

Pros: Fast and easy to use racquet. 

Cons: Perhaps durability and lack of 'heavy' solid feel 

Suitability: intermediate/advanced doubles racquet

Player type: Doubles fast counterattacking

Footnote: this review was done as a hobby and as an interest to inform fellow badminton enthusiast. This is my personal opinion and in no form to promote this racquet.

Conflict of interest: None

Reference: Yonex website (accessed @ 29/3/13)

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