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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mizuno Wave Fang VS 7KM-27009 (Shoe)-review

Just bought this pair at a sale.

Surprisingly, this shoe is a unisex shoe.

The gum sole comes in one piece; the forefoot and heel. There is a large ventilation mesh in the middle of the sole. The shoe fitting is cut slightly narrow, the ankle is a low cut.

 This shoe model was released in 2013, a badminton specific model.

Technology: Mizuno Wave, AP+, XG Rubber, Mild Cushion, Mizuno Intercool, Mizuno Green Grade, Wide fit

First impression: Comes in two colors, red/black/gold and red/black/pink (Mid cut).

Fit: The shoe fits well enough, there is some break-in period needed. Size fits slightly tight and not suitable for people with wide feet, even though Mizuno advertised it for wide fit. Felt very snug when wearing it, support is good but upon wearing the shoe sits low on the ground and the grip of the sole is very sticky.

Game time: Although the shoe felt low/sticky, this shoe felt feather light when performing footwork (split step) to hit a shot (landing with the racquet foot). This shoe have excellent ventilation as there are 3 mesh like structure to allow air flow, one at the midsole, two at both sides on the upper and three at the toe area. The shoe felt a bit sticky to the ground and not as bouncy. However, owing to how low the shoe sits on the ground, mobility is not a problem. On the one hand, on the downside, I felt the cushioning is not as good as the Yonex SHB65s power cushion shoes. On the other hand, the shoe is very light weight. 

Pros: Great looks, excellent ventilation, light weight and sticky soles. Unisex shoes, which explains why it is tight for men's feet.

Cons: Adequate cushioning, lack of bounciness and very snug fit requiring long break-in period.

Fit: 7/10
Ventilation: 10/10
Feel: 9/10
Cushioning: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Movement/: 7/10
Grip: 10/10

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