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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sports specific equipment-tennis

Recently, I have been picking up tennis again, after stopping for a while.

I got my two tennis racquets restrung @ 55lbs with Yonex strings.

In addition to a tennis racquet, I got myself a pair of tennis shoes.
Asics Gel Dedicate 3. I tried it out, and bought it owing to its lightness and relatively cheap price.

A brief review of this shoe.
Pros: cheap, light weight and good cushioning (Asics is famous for its Gel cushion)
Cons: The ventilation is poor compared to higher end models (feet heats up easily).

The reason I didn't buy a more expensive pair of shoes is the amount of Time I will spend playing tennis is not much, as badminton I play more frequently.

For clothing and socks, tennis is pretty similar to badminton.

Differences and similarities. 

Both are racquet sports, hitting a projective to the opponent's court and scoring points when landed in.

Tennis is very different from badminton in terms of biomechanics and movement on court.

In tennis, majority of strokes (contact point) are at waist level, with the racquet lifting the ball above the net and adding spin. 

Badminton, the majority of strokes in the overhead stroke, using wrist movement or pronation.

In terms of overhead like serve or smash, it is similar to badminton.

For movement on court, badminton's base is center court, whereas in tennis, it is at the baseline of the court (for singles).

More to come when I get better in Tennis...

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