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Friday, May 5, 2017

Badminton Shopping in Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong SAR last month immediately after the conclusion of Malaysia Open.

I experience a culture shock after checking in into the notorious Chung King Mansion at Tsim Sha Sui area.

However, as my first visit to Hong Kong, I did the tourist thing and visited the usual area like the Peak, Lantau Island, Stanley and a day trip to Macau SAR.

However, Hong Kong is well known for shopping, being tax free.

Badminton shops are located all over the place like Mongkok, Jordan and Central. However, I visited the famous sneaker street or Poh Hai Gai in Cantonese.

The famous Rose Sports, well known from Badminton central. However, I found to my disappointment that Rose Sports is not a dedicated badminton shop but sells hiking shoes/bags and other sporting stuff. Badminton racquets are few.
Racquets at Rose Sports
Mizuno/Yonex Shoes at Rose Sports.
One of the shop with a much bigger selection than Rose Sports, ESL Racquets and Sports Megashop.


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