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Monday, June 15, 2009

Conclusion of Singapore Open

It was a hectic day of Badminton fest in Singapore. I made regular trip to Kallang Singapore Indoor stadium to watch the full display of Badminton joust. The many upsets by unheralded players over more illustrious players highlighted why we humans enjoy watching sporting events so much, the triumphs and defeats. There is a saying in sports, anything can happen.

With regards to the sponsor Li-Ning, I think they did a good job considering this is their first major sponsorship of a major badminton tournament outside of their motherland.

Their slogan 'anything is possible' is kinda ambigous, which is a rephrase of Addidas, 'impossible is nothing'. But I feel, this is a young company, born in 1989.
Considering Li-Ning is a China company, their main market is China and foreign market second. The brochures of Li-Ning badminton has so much grammatical error that it looks comical given the amount of cash they charged their badminton racquets, shoes and apparels. This is understandable given, that it is Chinese own with Chinese mentality. What they did is a direct translation of the Mandarin sentences/phrases into English. This is not recommended as English has a more complex/precise grammar/syntax than (spoken) Chinese.

I think the did a great job selling Sun Zu's four elements of Woods, Rocks, Storm and Flame which played on Chinese elements and selling them to Western consumtion.

I'll say despite some distrust on its price and gimmicks, I think Li-Ning did ok, most importantly there's no major hiccup and things move smoothly. Besides, the wining of Bao Chun Lai, Mixed Doubles pair and Women's doubles cemented their reputation as sponsors of winners.

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