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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Carbonex 21 review

Just a random review of a racquet I have with me since 2000.
Flex: Stiff
Balance: Headheavy
Composition (Frame): H.M. Graphite
(Shaft): H.M. Graphite,
Weight/Grip size: 3U (85.0-89.9g) / G4,5 2U (90.0-94.9g) / G3,4,5 
Technology: built-in-T joint
Review Date : 21st June 2008
Racket Type : Yonex Carbonex 21 SP
Specs : 2UG4
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 25lbs ,1 Piece Stringing
Stringing Machine : Pacific Stringing machine
Technology : H.M. graphite
Grip: Cyber Plus Beta plus Wilson Pro overgrip
Shuttle Used: RSL Tourney

First Impression: A classic oval Yonex racquet. Solid dark color, a mixture of metallic dark slate gray and gold strips, with the metallic dark slate gray being the dominant color. The racquet is headheavy at about 290+/-5mm. The racquet has high swing speed, owing to slim shaft. This racquet feels solid and well constructed. It lack the control support cap of the later models of Yonex, which was why it's common for players to wrap overgrip all the way to the cone for better control.

Warm Ups: The swing of this racquet is extremely fast as it was one of the 1st Yonex racquet with a super slim shaft. It is fantastic when clearing and smashing as the racquet cuts through the air efficiently. The clears are easy to excecute and smashing is fun with this racquet. When hit in the sweetspot, the smash is fear inducing and loud (thin strings). The control is good at the net. Driving is a bit challenging with this racquet, that is why it's less used in doubles unless you have very high skill.

Game Time: Serving is good with this racquet, especially forehand long serve. Flick serves and receiving service near the net is a bit tricky unless you hold the racquet at the cone. Driving with backhand and forehand are a bit challenging. The clear is also good, but need to control your strength. The smash is good enough . What can I say for defense, it's sluggish but need good racquet skills to be effective. Netkills are easy too with this weapon. Drops and sliced drops are accurate with this racquet, thus, the feel is good too with this racquet. The heaviness of this racquet maybe challenging to move around quickly.

Conclusion: A classic oval and basic racquet with HM graphite and around 20 years old. Moreover, this racquet is a proven commodity in international competition, wielded by former players like Park Joo Bong, Wang Chen and Wong Choong Hann.

Feel: 8/10
Control: 7.5/10
Power: 9/10
Defense: 5.5/10
Maneuverability: 7.5/10
Pros: Excellent singles racquet and has hard hitting power.
Cons: Unforgiving racquet and has small sweetspot
Suitability: Intermediate/Advance/professional Singles player

YONEX/Sunrise sports recommendation for player type:
For advanced players looking for solid feeling
Yonex rating 1-5
Power 5
Control 5
Flex 4
(Ref: Yonex badminton chart)

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