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Friday, September 25, 2009

Arcsaber Z-Slash Review

Flex: stiff
Balance: 290 mm (head heavy)
Composition (Frame): CS carbon Nanostube + HM graphite
(Shaft): HM graphite + Ultra PEF
Weight/Grip size: 2U (90-94.9) G3-G5, 3U (85-89.9g) G3-G5
Technology: Ultra PEF, CS carbon Nanotube, New T-joint, New cs cap, Super HMG, new grommet system

Date : 24th September 2009
Racket Type : Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash
Specs : 3UG5
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 25lbs ,1 Piece Stringing
Stringing Machine : Pacific Stringing machine
Technology : Ultra PEF, Super HMG, CS carbon nanotube, new-T-joint, New CS cap
Grip: Yonex original grip + Toalson overgrip
Shuttle Used: Yonex AS40

First Impression: A slightly oval isometric racquet in the frame. Cacaphony of color, a mixture of laser yellow, white, red and black. The racquet is headheavy at about 290mm. The racquet has nice swing, being rather stiff. This racquet has a very slim and skinny shaft to reduce air resistance. The unique feature of this racquet is the racquet combines the features of being headheavy and fast to swing. This combination is perfect for generating a very powerful smash. Although claimed by Yonex to generate 414km/h, I would say it's quite an improvement of the Arcsaber 10 and definitely can hit a mean smash. The grommet stringing system is similar to Nanospeed 9000s/x. The frame is slightly oval.

Warm Ups: The swing of this racquet is extremely fast as it is aerodynamic. It is fantastic when playing netshots and drives. The clears are easy to excecute and smashing is just awesome. Smashing and clearing are no problem with this racquet as it is headheavy enough for the job, in fact, it feels like an Arcsaber 10 on steriods.

Game Time: Serving is good with this racquet, especially backhand serves. Flick serves and receiving service near the net are fast. Driving is excellent for both forehand and backhand. The clear is also good and so is the smash. For defense, for some reason, my wrist gets tired very fast, probably a combination of head-heavy and fast compact swing. I find I need to put more effort into repulsing smashes than a headlight racquet. Netkills are easy too with this weapon. Drops and sliced drops are excellent with this racquet, thus, the feel is great with this racquet.

Conclusion: A stiff racquet that's excellent on the attack and good in counterattacking. One of the better high end racquets produced by Yonex which combines the rare attributes of fast speed, head heaviness and control. However, unlike other Yonex racquets, this beast needs some break-in period.

Feel: 8.5/10
Control: 9.5/10
Power: 10/10
Defense: 7/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

Pros: Well made racquet and has great power and control. Aerodynamic shape means excellent maneuverability.

Cons: harder to defend than headlight racquets and price

Suitability: Skill level required, high intermediate/advanced player. For agressive hard hitters in doubles and attacking style player in singles.

YONEX/Sunrise sports recommendation for player type:
For professional players looking to break the smash barrier

Yonex rating 1-5
Power 5
Control 5
Flex 5
(Ref: Yonex badminton chart)

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