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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Badminton racquet collection 24th September 2009

Yonex: NS8000, NS9900, ArcZ-Slash, AT900P and Ti-10

Flagship highest end Yonex racquets
NS9900, ArcZ-Slash and AT900P

My complete collection
NS8000, Ti-10 X 2, Cab21, ArcZ-Slash, Gosen Aermet 6900, AT900P, NS9900, Apacs Lethal

I can't believe that I have so much racquets.

I have used and tested all of them.

My best racquet for singles: AT900P, ArcZ-Slash and Gosen Aermet 6900
My best racquet for doubles: Ti-10, NS8000 and NS 9900
My training racquets: Cab 21 and Apacs Lethal 25

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