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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Carlton PowerBlade 9909 brief review

Review: Carlton Powerblade 9909

Weight: 4U (85g)
Grip Size: G5
Flex: Medium+
Strings used: Yonex BG66 @ 24lbs
Grip: TCS grip + Toalson overgrip
Maximum tension: 30lbs
Balance: 285mm +/- 5mm

Technologies: Ti-Wire reinforced frame, Nano resin technology, Ti-Wire Shaft, Superlightweight, isometric headshaped

First impression: The colors are beautiful, the frame is a mixture of silver and royal blue whereas the shaft is grey. The 10 and 2 o'clock of the frame has a golden hologram paint. The stringing pattern is a traditional type with the standard grommet arrangement. The racquet feels rather headlight and has a fast backhand swing and slower forehand swing.

Conclusion: A fast racquet with good control and fast handling suitable for a fast doubles game. The light weight of the racquet helps in handling as well.Not the best smashing racquet but the speed and ease of handling makes it a fast control racquet for doubles.

Pros: Quick, light and maneuverable. Suitable for a fast and long doubles game.
Cons: The feel and the smashes are slightly lower owing to the flexier shaft.

Suitablity: Doubles beginner, intermediate and advanced players.
Player type: control, defensive and all-around players

Brief review
Power: 8/10
Defense: 9/10
Maneuverability: 9/10

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