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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Importance of shot selection in Singles

I played a competitive singles game today in a college mini-competition. Was leading 15-11 in the final game, made a string of unforced errors or gave the opponent a lift to his forehandside.

Managed to level the score 20-20, but lost the final game 20-22.

Highlights of the match, managed to hold and flick the opponent when I pretend to drop and then flick to his backhand. Points earned were mostly, clear to backhands which forced errors, 2 smashes and 1 crosscourt smash. 3 points were earned by drive to the body. Another was 2 tumbling netshots.

Unforced error made: whiffed a netkill twice, OMG. Easy points, but failed to convert.

Unforced error made, 3 smash block to the net.

Unforced error made, 3 wide and 3 long clears.

Unforced error made, 4 long service.

Unforced error made, 1 reverse slice hitting the net and 1 crosscourt reverse smash wide of the line.

Unforced error made, whiffed crosscourt net shot.

Opponent's kill, 2 crosscourt smash, 1 netkill and 1 smash down the line.

That's all from memory, forgot to ask my friend to videotape it to learn from mistakes...

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