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Monday, September 20, 2010

Yonex Voltric 70 review

Voltric 70 SP
Review Date : 21 september 2010
Racquet Type : Yonex Voltric 70 SP
Specs : 3UG5
Flex: Stiff-
Balance: 290++mm
Strings: Yonex BG66 Tension: 25lbs , 2 Piece Stringing
Grip: Yonex cyber plus beta + Yonex overgrip Technology : Isometric head, Tri-Voltage system, Ultra PEF, new Control Support cap and New T-joint
Shuttles used: Protech Pt-10, speed 77

First Impression:
This racquet is the new flagship Yonex head-heavy balance racquet to replace the armortec series. This racquet is overall black in color. There are bright white/chrome color at the 10 to 11 o'clock and 1 to 2 o'clock position and flanking the T-joint. There is some form of black 'plastic material' lining the lateral side of frame at the Tri-Voltage system area. This black plastic material occupies roughly a similar position to the armortec series 'Power armor system' Titanium-mesh tape. These 3 so-called 'joints' formed the Tri-voltage system and create a 'bulge' on the frame. The top of the frame at 12 o'clock and the rest of the frame is tapered. The tribal tattoo-like motifs highlights the frame from 7 to 9 o'clock and 3 to 5 o'clock. The lateral view of the frame is black in color except the 7 to 9 o'clock and 3 to 5 o'clock which is metallic red. The CS cap is similar to the Arcsaber Z-slash octahedron shaped CS cap.

Warm Ups:
Just based on the swing alone, I can feel this racquet is head-heavy, probably around the same class/balance as AT900T. The shaft is pretty slim. The overhead swing, I can hear a different 'swoosh' sound compared to Amortec series. The swing sound is quite close to the Arcsaber 10/Z-Slash but the racquet head is noticeably heavier. The flex of the racquet felt rather stiff. As usual, I start off with a basic overhead clear, baseline to baseline. The clear is generally excellent and the feel of the shuttle leaving the string bed can be felt, but the feeling is a bit different, owing to the 'new sound filter' . Then I tried the flat push or drive, which is generally easy and relatively fast. The new CS cap (similar to Arcsaber Z-slash) is ergonomic and easily aid in the short handle grip. When it comes to drop shots and net play, I guess the general 'feeling' of the racquet is there. The control is above average as the selected shot goes where it is supposed to go. The unique tapered frame and the 'bulge' at the Tri-Voltage area has a different 'feel' to the cutting/slicing of the shuttle. The smash is excellent as a combination of aerodynamics of the racquet and heavy balance. Generally, overhead shots like smash, clear and drops are excellent, very similar to the very best other Yonex racquets in the market.

Game Time:
Testing the undearhand shots like backhand serve, lifts and defensive drives: This racquet like all head-heavy racquets are in general slightly less responsive in defensive stroke. On the one hand, the new slim/aerodynamic desgin improved on the defensive capabilities of this racquet. I would say that the defense of this new racquet is better than most of the armortec series. Lifting smashes is pretty comfortable for a head heavy racquet. The net play is generally good and quite comfortable to netkill using the short handle grip. Serving backhands and forehands are good so is the receiving of service like push/drive shots. Drives are superb, as counterattacking with offensive drive is very responsive. For offensive strokes like punch clear, smashes and fastdrop, this racquet is excellent. For defensive stroke like receiving smashes, this racquet is excellent, roughly the same class as AT900T/Arcsaber 8DX. After 2 hours of play, I did not feel lactic acid building up on my wrist. I found this racquet comfortable to use for all around play and in my humble opinion is a keeper.

This racquet has superb combination of offense and defense. One can confidently smash and drop with this racquet. Not only that it is very good for counterattacking smashes by drive and lifts. This racquet is an aerodynamic version of the armortec series but the feel of the racquet is different from the armortec series owing to the thinner shaft/frame and new sound filter. The thin frame felt less solid than the armortec series.

Feel: 8/10 
Control: 8.5/10 
Power: 9/10 
Defense: 9/10 
Maneuverability: 9/10

Reasonably priced, new technology, excellent power and defense

almost none, except for the less solid 'feel' of the racquet compared to the armortec Yonex racquets.

Suitability: 3U suitable for both doubles and singles. (4U primarily for doubles) For all around player and counterattacking player

Skill level: intermediate and advanced.

Footnote: this review was done as a hobby and as an interest to inform fellow badminton enthusiast. This is my personal opinion and in no form to promote this racquet.

Conflict of interest: None

Reference: Yonex website (accessed @ 20/9/10) Badmintoncentral.com (accessed @ 20/9/10)

YONEX/Sunrise sports recommendation for player type:
Brand new Tri-Voltage technology. For professional and advanced player looking for power and fast handling.

Yonex rating 1-5
Power 5
Control 5
Flex 5

(Ref: Yonex badminton chart)

Voltric 70 SP
Review Date : 21 November 2011
Racquet Type : Yonex Voltric 70 SP
Specs : 4UG5
Flex: Stiff-
Balance: 290++mm
Strings: Yonex BG66 Ultimax (Pre-stretched)
Tension: 25lbs , strung with Yonex ES5 PROTECH
Grip: Yonex cyber plus beta + Yonex overgrip Technology : Isometric head, Tri-Voltage system, Ultra PEF, new Control Support cap and New T-joint
Shuttles used: Yonex AS40 Speed 2

Pros: Reasonably priced, new technology, excellent power and defense 

almost none, except for the less solid 'feel' of the racquet compared to the armortec Yonex racquets.

Feel: 7.5/10 
Control: 8.5/10
Power: 8.5/10
Defense: 9.5/10 
Maneuverability: 9.5/10


King said...

How much for one Voltric 70?

badmintan said...

You mean in SG? The price range from SGD 218 to 249.

Noroom4hesitation said...

Bro, the sound filter implemented in this racquet, can you like feel any sound difference? or normal?

badmintan said...

I never notice it when I play...

Ed Dechaumphai said...

Is there a big difference between VT70 and VT80? I mainly play double and debating between these two. I used NS8000, NS9900, and ARC10 before (I only own NS8000 though). Wanna try heavy head for double but not sure if it suits me or not. Any opinion? Thanks!

badmintan said...

Hi Ed,

Depends on users/skill level I guess. For myself playing doubles, at 3U weight, I find the VT70 easier to use than VT80. For 4U version, I think the VT80 is much better than the VT70. If possible, get the 4U VT80, it's the best possible balance for fast flat play, solid feel and hard smashes. 4U VT80 can also be used comfortably for singles, just ask Peter Gade.

Hamza Nisar said...

Have you tried out the Voltric 7?


I saw this review and it sound pretty good from what I can see!

badmintan said...

No. I have not tried voltric 7. Thank you for visiting and commenting.