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Monday, September 20, 2010

Yonex Voltric 70

I just got my hands on the Yonex latest racquet, Voltric 70.

The specs I got is a 3Ug5.

First impression of the racquet:
The color is beautiful, quite a departure of red/bright color of the arcsabers.
There is a tribal-tattoo like motif flanking the frame.
The 3 new Tungsten joint makes the racquet 'fat' on the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock part and the T-joint as well.
The grommets seem thicker than the armortec series and the shaft is roughly the same thickness. The shaft has the following label; 'ultra light weight, head heavy balance, made in Japan' and on the other side: 'high modulus graphite and super slim shaft'.

Composition (Frame): HM graphite + Tungsten
(Shaft): HM graphite + Ultra PEF
Technology: Ultra PEF, Tri-Voltage System, New T-joint, New cs cap, new grommet system, isometric head

Will update the review soon, once I played some games with it.

But all I can say at the moment is the racquet feels head heavy..

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