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Friday, April 15, 2011

Li-Ning Woods N90 (1st Gen) vs Yonex VT80

The VT80 and Woods N90 above: Comparing with equivalent grip size, weight and string tension.
Woods N90 is a 3U (Li-Ning S2) and strung with Yonex BG80 at 27lbs.
VT80 is a 3U G5 and strung with Yonex BG80 at 27lbs.

The Woods N90 is made famous by its adoption by the China's top player Lin Dan.

The Voltric 80 on the other hand is made famous by Lee Chong Wei who currently uses this model.

Both racquet have very head heavy balance. The voltric 80 is a fraction more stiffer.

Both are excellent singles racquets as examplified by the adoption of them by Professional singles players.

Being great singles racquets, both racquets have excellent power, control and feel.

The Voltric 80 being a newer racquet has better aerodynamics than the Woods N90. Aerodynamics is meant by being having a slimmer frame and shaft.

The racquets are roughly equal in power, feel and control. The slimmer Voltric 80 has the edge over N90 in terms of speed.

The VT80 is a younger model than Woods N90 (produced two years ago).


kenjie said...

Kenjie vergara

this was really interesting comparing top and popular racket brands. What among them shines better during the game.. which is more powerful and good to use?

Tim said...

Hi Badminton Research,

I love your blog and am a faithful follower. Would like it if you could give a more detail breakdown for this N90 vs VT90

Would you be doing a comparison on N90 and N90II
Dont know which one is better.


badmintan said...

Hi Tim,

I have not tried N90II, so I can't comment on it.

VT80 in short is faster and more maneuverable than N90.Both have solid feel and power.

VT90? I have to wait for its release first.

Thanks for your support.

upy0ur5 said...

Hi Badmintan, do you remember which of these 2 rackets is head heavier? I know you said VT80 is faster but due to aerodynamic frames. I love my current Voltric Lin Dan Force 3U but want to compare it to N90 1st gen. Lin Dan force is apparently an upgrade from VT 80.Thanks