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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Victor SW35 vs Yonex Voltric 80

Battle of the head heavies (& stiff) racquets

The Superwaves 35 is made famous by its universal adoption by virtually the entire Korea men's team. The Superwaves combined the balance of head heaviness and a very stiff flex.

The Voltric 80 is a new top end racquet from Yonex. It also has a very top heavy balance with a moderately stiff shaft.

In terms of head heaviness, the Voltric 80 (in my hands) felt a fraction more head heavier. In terms of stiffness (in my hands) the SW35 is much stiffer.

In my rating, the SW35 is one of the best racquets made by Victor. It certainly was one of the top racquets in 2010.

As a top flagship racquet released by Yonex, in All England to boot, VT80 promises to deliver. It does.

No doubt, having dissecting SW35, Li-Ning N90 I and II, Yonex did their homework.

I can safely say that, that VT80 is (in non-quantitative terms) a better racquet vis-a-vis SW35. To be fair, Victor did not release a stiff and head heavy racquet in early 2011. A VT80 competitor on the horizon?

1 comment:

Naim said...

Please hurry with the comparison! A more in-depth MX80 vs VT80 comparison would be nice too!