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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Yonex headlight racquets, Ti-10 vs NS9900 vs NR700RP

The 3 top headlight racquets by Yonex. I am a big fan and user of Ti-10 and NS9900.
The sides of the frame of the above racquets: The thickest is the Nanoray 700RP followed by the Ti-10 and the thinnest is the NS9900.

On the one hand, the funny thing is the Nanoray frame departs from the modern trend of modern racquets leaning towards a slim  head design.

On the other hand, the shaft of the Nanoray 700RP is thicker than the NS9900 but about the same as Ti-10, negating the aerodynamic trend of an ultra slim shaft (e.g. Voltric 80).

However, looking  at the frame (hitting surface) of the Nanoray is tapered and more aerodynamic than the Nanospeed. The edges are somewhat 'sharp' but not as 'sharp' as the Victor Bravesword series. The Nanoray seemed like a thicker Bravesword.
In terms of performance: I would rate NS9900 as the best of the three followed by Ti-10 and NR700RP.

NS9900 > Ti-10 > NR700RP

All are 3UG5 version

Power: (Ti-10 = NS9900) > NR 700 RP
Defense: NS9900 > (Ti-10 = NR 700RP)
Feel: Ti-10 = NS9900 = NR700RP
Control: (Ti-10 = NR700RP)  > NS9900
Maneuverability: NS9900 > NR700RP> Ti-10


Aurélien GREGOIRE said...

Have you tried the NR 700FX ? If so could you give us few word about it and a quick coparaison with the 700RP and NS9900.

Thank you ;)

badmintan said...

Nope. Have not try NR700FX.

I have a friend who uses NR700FX said it's pretty good for clears. Generally very good for defensive and rally (4 corners) style.