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Friday, September 9, 2011

Yonex NanoRay series 2011

Yonex has launched an updated series to replace the Nanospeed series.

The Nanoray series is similar to the Nanospeed series with the exception of the tapered frame shape. Or as Yonex called it the New AERO Frame.

The theory behind this technology(Aero Frame) is the thinner frame at the top of the frame (hitting surface) is thinner gradually curving in thickness towards the middle of  frame allows it to be more aerodynamic. This also made the racquet have a good center of gravity on the frame, meaning the frame is more stable. (The thicker part of the center of the frame improves the center of gravity.)

Vs. Victor Bravesword

The concept of a 'sharp aerodynamic edge' was first introduced by Victor in their Bravesword series.
Though not exactly the same diamond shape as the Bravesword's technology, the edge of the Nanoray is relatively sharp compared to a flatter frame of previous Yonex racquet. However based on swinging alone, I find than I can quickly pull up the Nanoray racquet after the (follow through of an overhead stroke) much quicker than a Bravesword. (tested BS9, 10 and 11). The Bravesword edges on the (hitting surface side of the) frame are 'sharper' than the Nanoray but the center of gravity of the frame is somewhat higher than the Nanoray.
The Bravesword series has a slimmer shaft

Above a Victor Bravesword 10 with a Yonex Nanoray 700RP

Tapering of the frame

The racquet frame is somewhat thicker at the T-joint area and tapered thinner towards the tip of the frame.
This tapering effect also made the racquet more headlight.

Quoting Yonex, 'The thinner top of the frame sides minimize air resistance for greater head speed, while the thicker sides at the bottom of the head generate maximum repulsion through greater frame stiffness.'

Vs. Yonex Nanospeed

Only the top end Nanoray has X-Fullerene in the shaft vs. Fullerene in the top end Nanospeed series.

Basically, the Nanoray series is a doubles racquet optimized for fast shots like drives, pushes, fast lifts and wrist/stick smashes.

Probably the improvement over the Nanospeed series is that Nanoray comes in 4U weight. I supposed the thicker/sturdier frame somewhat reinforced the frame structure.

On hindsight, the newer Nanoray is easier to pull up after a follow through than the Nanospeed series (and the Victor Bravesword series).

On the picture above is the Yonex top end Nanospeed the model 9900 and the top end Nanoray 700 RP.
The Nanospeed 9900 is overall a slimmer racquet than the Nanoray 700RP.

The NS 9900 has Fullerene on the shaft whereas NR700RP has X-Fullerene on the shaft.

The converse is true on the frame, with NS9900 having the X-Fullerene whereas NR700RP having the Fullerene material in the frame.

The initial swing speed of the Nanoray 700 RP is somewhat faster compared to the Nanospeed 9900. (based on my perception). However, the momentum of the racquet head speed or the follow through is slower than NS9900. On the one hand, this 'braking' effect lessens pulling of ones shoulders/wrist/elbow hence causing less injury. On the other hand, less power is generated for most strokes.

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