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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gosen Ryoga Issen Vs. Yonex VT80

A head to head comparison between a top head heavy Yonex and Gosen raqcuet.

Why this review?
Both are premium Japanese badminton brands and have produced top of the line racquets over the years. 
The Yonex VT80 has a very slim shaft that is of stiff flex, made of Nanopreme. Similarly, the Gosen shaft made of M40 graphite is also of a very slim design with other enhancement as claimed by the manufacturer.
The shape of the frame is of standard isometric. The Gosen one is thinner at the top of the frame whereas the Voltric 80 is of tapered design.
Conclusion: The Voltric 80 has more power than the Ryoga Issen but the Ryoga Issen is much quicker in handling.

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