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Friday, November 4, 2011

White, Red and Black racquet stencil ink

Racquet stencil ink comes in primarily 3 (or 4) colors, chiefly red, black, white (and blue).

Many players dislike stencil inks as it  fades easily after games (and need reapplication). Not only that, shuttles and other player's strings are 'stained' with the colors.

The most inoffensive stain is the more uncommon White Stencil Ink. It works only on Black (or very dark color) strings.

On the other hand, some coaches or players stated that the use of stencil inks during games/tournaments showed that the player is good enough to be sponsored by a badminton company and hence have some psychological advantage.

The opposing player may feel that he/she is up against a superior player and may have some inferiority complex especially in a singles game. This sort of only works on non-international tournaments or lower levels as at higher levels/professionals, most (if not all) players are sponsored.

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