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Monday, September 10, 2012

New racquet arrives but alas not what I hope for

Had a swing with the Nanoray 800 today. As a consumer, it didn't fit my taste, (was hoping for racket with a Ti-10/NS9900 specs)

Well, held the  real thing with factory strings. It's just like the official Yonex chart which states it's a stiff flex racquet.

In other words, it's basically a NR700RP shaft with a different frame(head). Instead of fullerene, the material is a Titanium composite rename Sonic Metal.

I was dreaming to get that elusive extra stiff/even balanced Nanoray (indicated by the red arrow). Won't be reviewing this racquet anytime soon.

Ref: http://www.yonex.com/nanoray/nr800/


Ray said...

Come back around this time next year and ye shall have what you seek: the NR900! ;)

badmintan said...

Price should be at NS9900/ARC-Z Slash range, 26250 YEN MRSP.