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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yonex Nanogy 99 (NBG99) 0.69mm Badminton String

The latest Nanogy type badminton strings, Nanogy 99.

I haved used NBG95 and NBG 98, so naturally I am curious to try out the NBG99.

This string has a thick gauge of 0.69mm.

The string is marketed by Yonex as a string optimized for control.

Currently, I am playing primarily with BG66 Ultimax and BG80 Power.

My current impression of this string, it's a somewhat different string compared to other Yonex string.
The sound of the strings is somewhat muted compared to the thinner BG66 Ultimax.

Powerwise, this string is somewhat lacking compared to BG66 Ultimax, perhaps owing to the tautness of a freshly strung strings.

Touches around the net is wonderful, especially net shots.

This string is rather thick, hence should have good durability.

This string unfortunately is rather expensive.


exalted said...

You have good taste in string! I like BG80 Power as well, and am looking to try out the BG66 Ultimax. I hear the Ultimax feels god-like at first, but unfortunately feels worse after a couple of weeks and tension is lost.

Do you string your own rackets? I'm learning to string so I can do my own rackets at 31lb ^^.

andrew tang said...

Hi there, I have just start my own string as well, I currently using the 66U, I love the feel and sound, I done my on 27lb but may just go back down to 26lb as it seem suit me better. The only thing is this is a thin string they would not last as long. And if you string to 31lb you could be replace very regular I had 95 & 98 too, and I'm going to try the 99 as well.